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 3/7/2017 3:21 AM

================================== LOG START ==================================
Thinware(R) vBackup(R)
Version: (Version 4.0, Update 2)
Copyright (c) 2009-2016 Thinware, Inc. All rights reserved.
Visit us at:
Process Started: 02.03.2017 12:00:30
Application Settings:
- SMTP Server =
- SMTP Username =
- SMTP Password =
- SMTP From Address =
- Notification Recipients =
- VMware Virtual Disk Manager Application Directory = C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit\bin
- Disable VMware Virtual Disk Manager Logging = True
Execution Arguments:
- Virtual Machine = HSSVR-2
- Server =
- Server Username = root
- Server Password = *********
- Job = Full Backup
- Job Type = Backup-Image-SSH
- Backup Root = B:\HSSVR-2
- Disk Exclusion = None
- Backups to Keep = 3
- Quiesce Guest File System = True
- Snapshot Virtual Machine Memory = False
- Create Snapshot Task Timeout = 15
- Remove Snapshot Task Timeout = 15
- Encrypt Temporary Password File = True
- Compression Level = None
- Maximum Log Size = 10240
- Backup Type = Image-Full
SMTP server not provided, e-mail notification is disabled.
Server Platform: VMware ESXi 6.0.0 3073146
Virtual Machine Guest OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)
- Type: Perpetual
- Status: Active
- Edition in Use: Standard
Backup Folder: B:\HSSVR-2\HSSVR-2
Backup: 170302_120051
No existing temporary snapshots found.
Temporary Snapshot: vBackup-TMP-170302_120051
e Unable to encrypt temporary password file. Für diesen Befehl ist nicht genügend Speicher verfügbar.

VMware Virtual Disk Manager: VMware Virtual Disk Manager - build 2248791
VMware Virtual Disk Manager response for Hard disk 1: [DATASTORE_3] HSSVR-2/HSSVR-2-000002.vmdk:
SSL_VerifyCbHelper: Certificate verification is disabled, so connection will proceed despite the error

[NFC ERROR] NfcNetTcpRead: bRead: -1

[NFC ERROR] NfcNet_Recv: requested 261744, recevied only 212992 bytes

[NFC ERROR] NfcFile_RecvMessage: data recv failed. retval = 3, expected 261744


Failed to convert disk: Operation completes asynchronously (0x300004650).

i Tips:
- Even though an SSL certificate error was encountered, certificate verification is disabled causing the error to be ignored. To correct certificate verification error(s), install a valid CA-signed certificate on your host server and install a valid CA-signed root certificate on your vBackup server.
- The 'NFC read' error is caused by a limitation in VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK) and how VDDK handles reading and writing thick-provisioned virtual disks. This then effects host servers licensed with Thinware vBackup Standard Edition (and Advanced and Professional Editions when a backup job's compression level setting is set to none). To resolve this, for Thinware vBackup Advanced and Professional Editions, simply set the backup job's compression level to basic or advanced. For Thinware vBackup Standard Edition, the virtual machine's virtual disk(s) must be converted to thin-provisioned (backup of thick-provisioned virtual disks is not supported with Thinware vBackup Standard Edition).
Password file successfully deleted, but was left unencrypted during job execution (due to above error).
E Unable to complete backup. Unable to verify successful transfer of virtual machine virtual disk file B:\HSSVR-2\HSSVR-2\170302_120051\HSSVR-2-000002.vmdk.
Connection to server timed out during backup process. Connection must be reestablished in order to remove temporary snapshot (this is not an error).
Connection to server reestablished successfully.
Temporary snapshot removed.
Temporary files successfully removed.
Backup data folder deleted in cleaning up after job failure.
Process Completed: 02.03.2017 13:00:58
Elapsed Time: 1 hour and 28 seconds

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